Boola – Aurică EP (LMHCC003)

Boola – Aurică EP (LMHCC003)
A1. Nnortolk
A2. Vazile
B2. Cut

Next Lomidhigh Choice Cuts EP is by Romanian artist Boola. No stranger to the label as he’s already spoiled us with two eps on the Lomidhigh Lmtd Imprint, with the trumpets in the track ‘Trompetre‘, keeping the dancefloors busy. His two eps on the Lomidhigh Organic Imprint, with this little melodic thirsty dub monster ‘Thirstduub‘ +  yet another dubby track ‘Mongrouse 08‘ which was released on the Organic City comp. (more samples from his past eps under releases) When asking him if he had something ready for one more Limited release (this time Lomidhigh Choice Cuts) he sent me three freshly packed zip files. Ending up with these 3 tracks.  A1 + B1 can be heard here as samples… you need to buy the EP to get the B2 Cut, which turns into a locked groove.

Yet again it’s limited to 150 vinyl copies only.

Sold as always at our friends at and freebase records – this 12″ will very soon be found under preorders at their sites.

LMHCC003 by Boola

LMHCC003 testpress just landed in the office.. Here’s a short sample of what to look forward to, this is Nnortolk by Boola. One of the three tracks to look forward to.
click: Nnortolk sample

Lomidhigh Choice Cuts 002 by Raymundo Mendoza


Lomidhigh Choice Cuts #002
Raymundo Mendoza – Forgotten Spaces EP

Forgotten Spaces is the title of the second EP on Lomidhigh Choice Cuts, a Detroitliscious housey bumping affair by El Paso’ cowboy Raymundo Mendoza, packed full of weird paths, melodies, bass and closed hihats. Limited to 150 copies only (another only on vinyl release by Lomidhigh) comes with two great remixes by Mathias Mesteño and the other one by Martinez and Ddalmh. – preorder at and as it will be out someday mid February..Hope you enjoy it !

A1 Forgotten Spaces
A2 Forgotten Spaces (Mathias Mesteño Remix)
B1 Submosphere
B2 Submosphere (Martinez & Ddalmh One Way To El Paso Remix)

youtubeclip *in the making

a few of the many cuts;


Raymundo Mendoza – Livernoise

Dropped by a 2nd hand shop earlier today, found what I needed; an old frame which needed a few nails and some glass, luckily I found some glass from another frame.. yet can print out the picture if you feel like it.. that’s 2/4 prints framed.. feel the music..

yet again double up / no let’s go triple up on the links:
Raymundo Mendoza facebook
Raymundo Mendoza screen print size 10.6mb
an hour of Raymundo tracks and loops mixed together ’09

print makes it to CPH from El Paso

Raymundo Mendoza, there’s nothing this guy can’t do..  The other day I received 4 beautiful screen prints in 4 diff sizes all the way from El Paso.. This one being the smallest one (125mm x 100mm) and also first one to be framed (as I had a frame that fitted the actual print after cutting the carton to fit the frames 200mm x 150mm size) He’s also a great musician.. Next record on the Choice Cuts label is by this bad boy but hold your horses.. The record needs to be pressed and so on.. before any previews will be out..

Raymundo facebook
Raymundo Mendoza screen print size 4.4mb