Lomidhigh Mixtape 015 Carsten Jensen

01/07.2019 Lomidhigh Mixtape 015

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Hi Carsten

Where was the mix recorded ?

At home in my living room. 

Your favourite track in the mix ?

That is so hard to answer. I love all the tracks for different reasons, but if I have to choose it’s got to be Saturn V – Live From Chicago

..And which records have you always got with you in your dj-bag?

I don’t have such a record.  It all depends on the demonstration I’ll be making.

When did you start dj’ing ? 

Around 2006 I think. First was actually at a lomidhigh party at Nadsat ;-)

Funniest night as a dj ?

A certain night at Et Andet Sted in Valby stands out. One of those nights where everything just clicked.

Are you are raver or a nerd ?

Both 75% nerd 25% raver

You recently released your first EP ..is there another EP on it’s way ?

No not currently. I’m taking a break from music production

Where do you get your inspiration from ? 

By not doing anything. By taking a walk or a bike ride. Even by taking a shower. It doesn’t take long before ideas come floating when I do one of those things.

I know you’ve been to Fabric in London many times. What is your top 5 favourite club ?

I haven’t been to that many lately but currently it’s:

Griesmühle (in the summer)
De School
Golden Pudel