Lomidhigh Mixtape 012 Benjamin Fehrr

Lomidhigh Mixtape 012 Benjamin Fehr

Lomidhigh Mixtape 012

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I finally meet Benjamin IRL after my recent visit to Berlin. Wow he was tall, taller then me. 

Hi Benjamin how are you doing ?
Complaining, as always, so that means I am fine, thank you.

How and where was this mix recorded ?
Mixed in live with some “human” roughness like I do in my club mixes, when I had some drinks, mixed with some exact boredom live thingsdingsdadong…

Did you look for certain records before the mix ?
Always, the whole mix is played at 116,4 bpm (what comes close to my fav speed 118, 847) and I checked for more house stuff (Daniel!) combined with some groove noir.

You have your club nights Groove Noir at Club der Visionaere
– what makes this place so special ?
You can play 18 hours or more just with 2 DJs, always a trip.
good guys. home no1.

Recently also a place at Skalitzer Strasse – Palorma.. I havent been there, how is that place ?
It’s one of my favorite club meets bar places (also quite good sound in that zwitter).
the most amazing thing is the great sight on the kottbusser tor. It’s on the first floor and through the great windows everything looks very cinematic. If you play the right music you create a special atmosphere, plus good sound for a bar and very good attitude of the owners and bar-people etc…. kind of home.

Besides your club nights you also run the record label Catenaccio Records ..will there be a summer release ?
I stopped for a while, but Catenaccio will be back in winter 2013 (maybe earlier).
some good guys in the pipeline.

I’m still loving the very creative interesting ‘…Explains Freedom EP’ you did on Lomidhigh Lmtd especially the creative break in the tittle track – what inspires you when you are sitting in the studio ?

What’s in your studio ?

A top 5 list of things in Berlin ?
1. Drinks
2. Quiet sunday late nights/monday mornings when all my neighbors are asleep and tired of  party and i feel like they are not around (and i can work on music)
3. No fun (it’s not about fun, you know)
4. Melvins (they are god, I think I told you before)
5. Ignoring number 5
6. I don’t answer that question without a lawyer.