Lomidhigh Mixtape 011 Sonja Moonear

Lomidhigh Mixtape 011 Sonja Moonear

Lomidhigh Mixtape 011

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Sonja, how are you keeping – please tell us about the mix..

How am i keeping? as usual, slowly ;) I’m going on in my own flow, where my interest leads me. I’ve been working the last 5 months on a soundtrack for the Swiss tv’s new branding. that was a new experience, quite challenging I must say. Now it’s over and I can focus on electronic music again. A couple of remixes are in the oven, amongst them one for Adil Hiani, a great Marrocain artist from Cosmo Records and I do my little techno travels, as I say, as usual.

This mix is a very long tale, but I doubt anyone has the interest in reading about it! To make a long story short, when Daniel asked me to provide him with a mix for the 11th Lomidhigh Mixtape, I was very pleased and remembered our few encounters, like at Culture-Box in Copenhagen, where it sounds raw. I don’t do many podcast, the few I did were always going everywhere, from quiet sounds to jumping tunes so this time I decided to make a complete club mix, from beginning to end. raw and straight! For sure it’s not one to be listen to in the bedroom on Sundays ;)

Where was the mix recorded? How was the atmosphere?

It was recorded live in one shot at the Milk Klub – r.i.p – in Geneva at the end of February, on a sunny Friday morning, when the club was actually closed. I’ve spent many nights in there, although the club only existed for less than a year, felt really happy to do it there at this time.

What got you into dj’ing?

I think as every DJ, I was first a clubber, or maybe better said a raver. As your musical taste refines, you slowly feel the need to feed yourself with that particular sound you might not find at every party, so I started to buy records, and equipment. At this time, Geneva had a great underground scene, and it was not difficult to ocupy free spaces to throw parties. basements, warehouses, openair gravel pits.. I was 17. At the end it’s like a teenage hobby that lasts forever. or do we call it passion?

How is the techno/house scene in Geneve ? Daria told me that you used to play together at Weetamix with Luciano and herself… Was that when you started as a dj?

No, actually that was already like a good 5 years later. Weetamix is the only good and real club we’ve ever had here. As I said before we had a fantastic alternative scene in Geneva, but that was a long time ago. When I started to play regularly at Weetamix, that other underground scene was seeing it’s places disappearing one after the other, to a nearly total vanishing point today. The potential has always been there, and it’s still the case today, but our politicians have decided differently. They prefer a clean international image to a vibrant and creative alternative society.

What was your childhood dream to do as a grown up?

oh, I had many, but it always had to do with gathering people together in order to share something in common.

You’ve been playing a lot of different places around the world, which city do you enjoy the most?

Every city has it’s ups and downs, and what I like the most is despite the small size of our electronic community, you will find the same dance moves, groove knowledges and smile over the faces in every one of them.

What is your favourite club?

always this question ;) I don’t really have a favourite place to play in particularity, I already have many in mind while writting these words! so, ok, to name just a few, past, present and future: Club der Visionaere in Berlin, for that so special freedom feeling you don’t get anywhere else – Kruthuset in Stockholm, for the ever changing creative structure – Arma 17 in Moscow, for the massive, yet sensual effect – Weetamix in Geneva, for all the memories..

..and for you, what makes a club a good club?

well, a balanced mixture of everything, good audience, good promoters, good artists, good soundsystem, good lightening.. and that little plus you can’t really name, that makes it rumble just dirty enough to get yourself loose.

and then please come up with your top 5 picks.. (can be anything you choose)

ok, so let’s do a top 5 bedroom afterhour classics!

He said (Graham Lewis) – Pump
Ketty Lester – Love letters
Maurice Ravel – Ondine (Gaspard de la nuit)
Miles Davis – L’ascenceur pour l’échafaud (Soudtrack of the movie by Louis Malle)
Chris Isaak – Wicked games

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