Lomidhigh Mixtape 010 Barbara Preisinger

Lomidhigh Mixtape 010 Barbara Preisinger

Lomidhigh Mixtape 010

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hi Barbara, please tell us a bit about this mix which I’m so happy you sent.. Where did you record it?

It was recorded a year ago 26.02.11, the first time I played at the Cabaret Party, Club Unit Tokyo.

You told me this mix consists of some old school records..so I bet there’s a few favourites in this mix. Which records have you always got with you in your dj-bag?

That’s not easy to answer. There are some records which stay in the bag for a longer period, while some records will only be in the bag a few times. But generally it’s a contsant coming and going.

Which hobbies did you have in your childhood?

I was completely into horses and horse riding and I learned piano playing.

Only two records have been released on “Slices Of Life” since you established the label in 2009..(nearly as slow as Lomidhighs releases some might think) are you waiting for the right ones to put out? or is it just a little side-project?

I think nowadays a vinyl only label might be a side project in most of the cases. ;-). Yes, I’m more interested in releasing music that I like personally and that I would play in my dj sets instead of just putting out many records in order to rise my catalogue numbers.

When did you start listening to electronic music?

I was listening to New Wave and EBM as a teenage girl and started to go out to Techno Parties around 1992.

When touring, which city (country) do you enjoy the most?

So far I think Japan is in the top list, but this is also hard to decide since I’ve had great experiences in various cities and countries. Last december I was playing in Montevideo (Uruguay) and Santiago de Chile. These places were also special to me as well.

What is your favourite club to play at?

There are many clubs where I’ve had great nights. I can’t really point out THE one and only.

..and in your opinion, what makes a club a good club?

The combination of a very good sound system, promoter and staff that are into the music and – very important – an open minded and curious audience.

my top 5 Japanese foods;

1. Udon Noodle Soup
2. Seaweed Salad
3. Hotate Nigiri
4. Spicy Tuna
5. Green Tea Cheese Cake

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