Lomidhigh Mixtape 009 Markus Fix

Lomidhigh Mixtape 009 Markus Fix

Lomidhigh Mixtape 009

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hi Markus, I’m delighted you found the time to mix the next Lomidhigh Mixtape, really been looking forward to this one. I guess you are busy enjoying the summer – playing at outdoor parties. The 4th September you played at this years Blue & Green event in your hometown Frankfurt. Which leads me to my first question..

Do you prefer playing outside, during the daytime or inside a club at night time?

I prefer playing outside in the daytime. It´s lovely to play when the sun is shining and you can hide your eyes behind the sunglasses…. and I think you can play much more lovely music, than inside a club…

What makes a club a good club?

Only one thing – The Soundsystem.

When and where did you record the mix?

I did it on a tuesday, inspired by the weekend before, at my home studio on my Technichs 1210 and a Redsound Sampler.

Favourite track in the mix?

DJ Buck – Make it hot

The techno/house-scene in Frankfurt is massive and it seems like the record shop “Freebase” on Peterstrasse is the place where you meet up and hang out. did you all grow up together in Frankfurt/Offenbach or did you meet through the music?

No not really, the scene in Frankfurt has a long history…..some Dj´s I’ve known in a long time. Chris Tietjen lives near my home town, Reboot I’ve known from the time we got the same train to our work….Dorian Paic I meet while playing at an after hour. Since that time he’s been my TechnoFather ;-).

And other people like Federico Molinari, Johnny D, Vera (recently moved to Berlin) I meet through the music…

Even though Frankfurt isn’t that big, last week was the first time I ever talked to Heiko M/S/O who has been playing in Frankfurt for 20 Years (who is one of the owners of Playhouse Records), I’ve never talked to Dj Ata, maybe I had one word with Roman Flügel….sometimes i see LoSoul in the Record Store. Other Dj´s like Chris Liebing, Pascal F.E.O.S., who have their roots in frankfurt, I’ve never seen.

As you can see the Producer and DJ Scene in Frankfurt is so massive, each have their own style, that’s why I love this city.

Do you have some favourite records which are always in the bag but not that often played when you’re out?

Spacetime Continuum – Remit Recaps

Any new eps on its way to the shelves?

End of October, a new Release on Below with two long different tracks.

What makes you relax?

Playing Playstation in the night, when my girlfriend is sleeping….

Any weird hobbies?

Music, it’s weird enough.

What do you put on for home-listening?

Blind Faith, Blumentopf, Soundtracks of GTA

You invited me down to the juice bar “ORANGE:MANGO”, when I was down in Frankfurt in 2009 – your top 5 smoothies / juices?

ha, it was together with Robert Dietz I think? I am not the Smoothie guy, so I choose my favourite Bars and Restaurants in Frankfurt instead.

1. Mosaiic Bar
2. Bellavista
3. Thong Thai
4. Fleischeslust
5. Echt

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