Lomidhigh Mixtape 008 DDALMH

Lomidhigh Mixtape 008 Ddalmh

Lomidhigh Mixtape 008

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This mix was originally not meant to be part of the Lomidhigh Mixtape serie when I first recorded it. It was shortly up for download but after I listened through it a few times I thought to myself “yeah …this is actually good enough for the Lomidhigh Mixtape serie”. Next step was the interview part… hmmm…I requested some questions from you lot and luckily I got some questions to answer… so here we go…

When and where did you record this mix?

This mix was recorded over two sessions (in abbleton live + traktor) at the LMH “Office” and at Martinez’ studio. It is a mixture between some favourite indie popish stuff faded together, a bit of dub, some deep house tunes mixed together …ending up with a very warm Spanish 90`s “Disco Ibiza loco mía, Sexo Ibiza loco mía, Crazy Ibiza loco mía” …happy summer end to the mix…

What is your background and why don’t you DJ more frequently?

I was part of this art-collective with three friends, we called ourselves “Coupdetat” for a couple of years. Two of us were taking pictures while the other two were painting pictures. Out of the four of us, three of us actually got into getting an education – one went to the Design school, the other went to the Architect school, the third is currently at the Art school ….while the forth got lost in Techno. I’m still without an education, lost – but found and fell in love with my woodland kindergarten where I work on weekdays while doing this Lomidhigh project at the same time.

I started messing around as a DJ when I promoted parties under the name “Lomidhigh” back in 2005, the DJ bit never really interested me though… I’ve caused more train wrecks then happy days on the dance floors over the years… And sure I got a little bit better (traktor! what a great invention) but still nowhere near the majority of the good DJ’s in Copenhagen… I always preferred being behind the scene and enjoy the music rather than “stressing” with the records on the decks. (Nothing like a light bag when going out)

If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

In a world with a lot of shit happening around our ears and well …right in front of our eyes, politicians are not taking their responsibility seriously –  but mudslinging one another in every publicly broadcasted debate instead of standing up to why they got voted into the government… no one wants to get into the touchy subjects such as healthcare, housing tax, pension, taxing the big firms, taking care of the families in the overcrowded detention centers. We have what is rated the biggest windmill company in the world in Denmark, money should have been spent years ago, on ecological green energy such as wind/water-mills, exploit the energy from the sun….and so on…. but no.. I’m not even going into the foreign politics… it’s too sad, I’m speechless really… Where are we heading?

I’m dreaming about a world where people are respected and treated equally, a world where people look at each other and send short smiles – maybe even say a few words to a “stranger” (it’s not that scary) – maybe these few words will follow into a short conversation and later make a chit chat with a “stranger” to a regular conversation between two human-beings.. There’s only so much an individual person can do – we should all pull our earplugs out and stop zombie walking about with our iphone in one hand – updating everyone online about useless facts about what we are doing and where we are at every given chance, while rushing through a lot of strangers who we don’t see as human beings but as a very irritating obstacle course.. Did any of you ever see two zombie-texting-sleep-walkers bang into each other? Looks pretty funny… Give “in real life” communication a last chance before we all turn into robots..

Expand your mind by opening it up to new adventures, help a stranger and start a chain reaction which I wishfully would love to see happening all over the globe it’s all about believing in GOOD KARMA… don’t always take the direct way home.. Explore and get new inputs listen to new music, take care of your health, be open to new people. Yes I guess I have some hippie tendencies, think positive and people will catch the drift…play the cards you’ve been dealt and don’t let a bad incident ruin your day…

Start smiling more… and let us see if this smile can be the first step to a better world… Or do we (as I sometimes think) need a new ice age to reset our evil and uncivilized egotistical behaviour…Did I answer the question correctly?

What made you launch yet another Limited label?

I spent last Christmas in bed. They had found a tumour in my head which came as a big chock as I’ve always been in good health, eating my fruit and vegetables, regular runs, taking care of my body… Well to cut a long story short I had to have radiation for 5 weeks and at the moment I’m on a Chemo-pill course –  5 days each month taking the pills and then 3 weeks relaxing… Just had my first test results from the MR SCAN I went to a few weeks ago and it was a positive result. The fluid and the swelling inside my head were reduced and the tumour hadn’t grown in size… This was the best results I could get…

Well with 6 months not working and with no daily routines you think a lot… and one of my thoughts was to bring the label back to when I first started the “Lomidhigh Lmtd” label… Back to basics… but this time limiting it to only 150 copies on vinyl. I never went into this project to make any money; I’m not the big businessman when it comes down to this label business… I never made any money… the music is something I love, it’s a hobby… a kinda expensive one but very worth it, meet some friends and a lot of interesting people through this project. This first ep on Lomidhigh Choice Cuts is by Martinez and will be released in mid June in 4 different shops; Freebase, Decks, Phonica and Blå (in Cph) – when you notice the bit higher price on the price tag then on your usual record buy – have in mind that there is only 150 vinyl records released all numbered, no mp3s, no fooling around…

Top 5 summer hangouts in CPH

1. Botanical Garden,
2. Assistens Cemetery,
3. Drinking coffee by the lakes while
watching girls in tights running by,
4. Lunch out at Christiania,
5. Kings Garden,