Lomidhigh Mixtape 006 Raymundo Mendoza

Lomidhigh Mixtape 006 Raymundo Mendoza

Lomidhigh Mixtape 006

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I don´t quite remember when I first got in contact with Raymundo, somehow I think it was before I started the Lomidhigh label up in 2006. We began writing back and forth on the mnml.nl website and later started chatting on a regular basis, through the chats I got to hear a lot of his music which I’ve always been really fond of. Despite me liking his music it´s so far only let to a single track release which was his dubby release “Most Current State of 3 Minutes” which was released on the “Organic City comp.” on Lomidhigh Organic last summer.

Raymundo, how are you keeping – tell us about the mix..
I am doing good actually. I been on this kick of simplifying my life. The mix is me trying to get across this feeling that things are great without the need of all this extra stuff. It does not have to be perfect, it just has to be honest.

Favourite track in the mix ?
I love all the tracks equally, but if I’m gonna talk about any track I would say “Mocco” by Alex Kid is my favourite track. It’s a track you would not expect from him, and things like that I find special.

Where did you record the mix ?
I recorded it in my little studio with a noisy crossfader. Im rather fond of the crackles now.

How is the techno scene in Texas ?
Well I can only really speak about El Paso Texas. It’s the furthest west you can get and still call yourself a Texan. I think the techno scene here is pretty good actually. There are these promoters from Juarez Mexico called Pastilla Digital and they been constantly bringing in great talent. They recently started doing shows in El Paso. Juarez Mexico as you may or may not have heard has been hit with a pretty bad drug war. It’s a sad thing. That whole city is in some kind of silent fear. Look it up. My friend Cj Tari, he does an internet radio show and some events also. He’s been getting a really positive response. I have to say in a way I am a silent supporter of the things that go on here. I don’t go out too much or dj that often. I really dedicate my time to my projects. I think that’s the best way to support the “scene”, by making yourself a better person in whatever it is you do. So yeah things are good.

You’ve sent me like 50 loops, when are you going to send me some full tracks ?
…C’mon Daniel your exaggerating. I’m sure I’ve sent you a couple of finished tracks. It’s coming though. Working with music more so, I have noticed these creative plateaus that I get on. You learn something new, and your happy with that for awhile and it keeps you going for awhile. Later you feel like your going in circles, then you learn or are inspired by something else and your on an even higher creative plateau. Does that make sense? It does to me. Right now though I’m feeling good, so be ready.

You are always busy with different projects at the same time, what are you up to at the moment, music or art ?
Right now the big project that I am working on is of a print that includes some music. Basically the idea or the problem that I am trying to explore is that I have always tried to create a boundary between what I do as an artist visually and the music I make. So now I want to know what happens when I smash them together. I took some photos while walking around on a rainy day, at the same time I was recording audio. So basically I’m going to make some music with the audio I captured, and when its done, depending on what samples I am using, I will use pictures of that moment in time and translate everything visually. It’s complicated, but most everything you do in audio I can translate visually. For example lets talk about reverb. Reverb tends to put audio further back in the mix and it softens the sound. So visually that picture of that moment would be lighter and blurry. When its done, I’ll send you some pictures and hopefully someone will get what the hell I am talking about.

and the top 5 picks..
Food in Texas

1. Track One Chicken Wings – Double Dipped style <— you can’t fuck with these, I took Zip, Sammy Dee, and Markus Nikolai to get some before a show and a few months later they put out DoubleDip on Superlongevity 2
2. my grandmother makes these things called entomatadas, those things will destroy anything you put up against them.
3. Lucky Star – it’s some chinese food joint, and the food is good, but the atmosphere is awesome.
4. Chicos Tacos – i gotta say this food is disgusting, yet somehow enjoyable. you have to eat it at least once Its 3 soggy rolled tacos in a tomato sauce topped off with fake industrial yellow looking cheese substitute. It’s an El Paso thing.
5. Frisco Burger – greasy as fuck, but delicious.

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