Lomidhigh Mixtape 005 Klaus B

Lomidhigh Mixtape 005 Klaus B

Lomidhigh Mixtape 005

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For this next Lomidhigh Mixtape a great friend of mine had a good look through his record-collection and came up with this perfectly balanced mix that waves through a vast numbers of musical styles. Klaus is well known in Copenhagen for his love, knowledge and interest in classic techno records and for digging out gold at any 2nd hand record shop he walks into. Co-owner of the danish techno board www.hifly.dk. Last but not least he is also the creative mind behind the Lomidhigh infosheets.

So klaus tell me about this mix, what have you got for us ?
It’s really a mixed bag of fat, chunky pieces spanning over the last 35 years of music. I wanted to show a few inspirations, some recent cutting edge releases and blend it all together. There’s pretty much everything from classic House and Techno, Body music inspired grooves over Krautrock to Electro and Dubstep. I come from a period in time where we cared for the music itself rather than styles. I like to be versatile and do it all in the mix.

Which track in the mix is your favourite ?
Hard to pick a specific track but if I have to break it down, it has to be the closing track by Dutch group The Connection Machine from their incredible 1994 release on Planet E.

Where did you record the mix ?
In a small but nifty studio some of my friends set up this year.

You have a quite large record collection, do you remember the first record you ever bought ? How many records do you reckon you have ?
haha – the first one I bought myself was the debut album from Danish Hip-Hop act MC Einar back in 1987. I still have the record but surely it hasn’t aged too well if you catch my drift. At home 6000 but since I’m pretty much running out of space I have another good 5000 stored in my parents attic.

Please tell us about some of your best record buys..
All of them! There’s too many to mention cause it all comes down to the experience of the given purchase. Though I must say that I’ve been well chuffed finding two super cheap copies of the very obscure Le Mystere – On The Beat released back in 1990 on the legendary Buzz label.

Your favourite record ?
One record won’t do – too many great records around.

As i got to know you, I quickly learned that you were into alot of diff. genres within house and techno – when the first dubstep releases came out you were really excited, in your words what made dubstep such an important and innovated new genre ?
Dubstep came to me as a second musical revelation of sorts when most other genres did cease to develope and sound refinement became far more important to a lot of people. With dubstep you had a new movement consisting of people with a widespread range of inspirations which made it open for experimentation and innovation. As it’s the first musical style to spread through the internet, reaching out to the entire world, it truly represents the epitome of promoting music in a new way.

You have released some projects working with diff producers – please tell me how you first got in contact with Aaron Carl ?
I was introduced to Aaron through a mutual israelic friend at the time and when he performed in Copenhagen, Steen from Miro and I dragged him into the studio for a recording session. The result came out quite well and the song was later featured on Aaron’s “Detrevolution” album.

and the top 5 picks..

1. Avoiding the climate hysteria at all costs especially right now with the Cop15 taking place in Copenhagen.
2. Making sexy mixes for you.
3. Watching “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery – crazy fishermen on the go in the Bering Sea!
4. Seeking out the best spots for food and coffee in town – why settle for less?
5. Doing my travelling around town by feet – a great way to clear your mind, get inspiration and keep fit at the same time..

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