Lomidhigh Mixtape 004 Ernesto Ferreyra

Lomidhigh Mixtape 004 Ernesto Ferreyra

Lomidhigh Mixtape 004

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After admiring Chic Miniature for some time I was very happy to meet Ernesto at Club Der Visionaere where he was playing together with Barbara Preisinger and Mike Shannon, in summer 2007. Since then we’ve kept in contact. Here is the mix he came up with for the 4th Lomidhigh Mixtape, it got me dancing in the bus thru town a few days ago.

Where did you record the mix ?
I did it in my studio in Berlin a few weeks ago on a usual rainy afternoon.

Which track in the mix is your favourite ?
Well, I like them all for one reason or another…for example the first track in my opinion has this super cheese lyrics but the mood is amazing, but if i had to choose one it would be Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen “Forever Mix”. Such a great classic!

Chic Miniature is a duo between you and Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, how did you guys meet ?
With Guillaume, we met in Montreal in 2003. At the time i was living in Mexico and travelled to Canada to visit a friend and also to witness MUTEK for the first time. Later that year he came to Mexico and we talked about the idea of making music together. It’s in 2004, when I moved to Montreal, that we started working together.

You moved around a bit – Montreal and now Berlin, what made you move to Germany ?
A few things happened that made us take the decision, with my girlfriend, to move here. We were loosing the flat we were living in, which was seriously big and cheap so quite hard to replace, and at the same time Guillaume and many other musician friends were moving to Berlin on a quest for a better economic situation so we thought “why not?” It’s definitely easier to earn your life in Europe being a producer and DJ than in Canada or Argentina. We finally moved to Berlin in 2008.

Where in Argentina are you originally from ?
I was Born in Córdoba, the second largest city in the country. BTW: if Franco Cinelli & Jorge Savoreti tells you that Rosarío is the second biggest, don’t believe them! ;-) he he…

In July you released your first ep on Lomidhigh Organic titled “Midnight Sun” what is the story behind the title name of this ep ?
While working on those tracks I was also studying Canadian history to get my citizenship and in my readings I found out that in the Province of Quebec, up north, during the very short summer, there is a place that they call “The land of the midnight sun. This because the sun shines almost 24 hours a day. And since i was freezing my ass in cold Berlin, I thought that I could steal some of that heath and use it in my ep.

You are currently working on your album, how is that going for you ?
I’ve been working on this project on and off for the past two years now. Trying to put all the pieces together is not an easy thing but it is a very rewarding experience, it’s like a puzzle, like trying to tell a story.
I’m very much enjoying the process.

You will play at the next Lomidhigh night at Culture Box the 20th Nov this month, were you ever in Copenhagen before ?
No, never, but I’m really looking forward to it .

What is your favorite club ?
In summer time Club Der Visionaere here in Berlin is unbeatable.

Weirdest night as a dj ?
Funny you ask.. it just happened last weekend when I played @ The boulevard in Barcelona, the most horrible club on earth where i literally almost fought with the resident DJ and the light man.. It seems that they were in some kind of war with the promoter of the night, who by the way is a super cool dude, and decided to give me a hard time for being booked by him… The party was going good, everybody having a good time until the light man turned off the bass amplifiers because Mr Dj Kenzo wanted to play before he was supposed to… so he started to push me saying stupid shit and the light man also got violent… I’m not a violent dude, and I’m certainly not used to this kind of behaviour, but i was ready to kick his ass if it hadn’t been for the promoter who grabbed me and took me out of the club. What a nightmare!!! At least i got paid, thanks Alex you Rock!

and the top 5 picks..

TOP 5 Morning tracks (the ones i always bring with me but not so often play)
Mattew Jonson – She is He- It is what it is
Ricardo Villalobos- Bass Queen- Lo-Fi Stereo
Lawrence- Place to be- Liebe Detail
The Mole- Family- Internasjonal
Risquée III- Essence of a dream-Stride Records

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