Lomidhigh Mixtape 003 Daria

Lomidhigh Mixtape 003 Daria

Lomidhigh Mixtape 003

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It´s October month and for this third mixtape I´ve asked a good friend of mine to leave her fingerprints on the spinning records. This mix by Daria is warm, colourful, melodic and organic (like her personality). I advice you to take the mix with you for a walk in the forest and enjoy all the colours the autumn has to offer.

Where did you record the mix ?
At home in Geneva, in my home-studio 4,5 m2 without windows, between my 10 years of buying vinyls, materiel of couture, tissues, cables, monitors, turntables, controller midi keyboard, and some souvenirs from parties. I did the set only with vinyls, as you can hear by the clips and also some human touching…

Which track in the mix is your favourite ?
I love the first track «Efdemin – Acid Bells, Martyn’s bittersweet mix». Also I have a very big heart for «Horse» on your limited label. It’s the Alejandro Mosso one. The story of this track is very special for me.

What was your childhood dream to do as a grown up ?
When I was young around 5 years old my teacher said to us, lets start some drawing today about the labour you want to do as a grown up. I asked her what «labour» meant madame? She answered me, listen, you can become anything you want when you will be an adult. So I started directly to draw a small yellow bird because I thought that I could fly free in the sky… Finally when I was done, I saw the rest of the drawings by the class and I was totally disappointed, very sad and I was feeling really stupid. It was the first time of my life I had this feeling which has followed me to this day, I am a strange animal in this world.

You are a very creative person (dj, producer, graphic designer) and you have your own street-wear brand “Dame Pipi” which creative art form do you prefer getting lost in, when you are feeling creative ?
Making a track, or making some couture. I easily spend hours with both activities. Producing tracks makes me forget the time, it’s crazy, maybe its because we work with/on the time, I don’t know. Its a bit dangerous when you do it too much, you go into a strange parallel world! Couture is what I do when I am feed up with stuff, its the only way to relax, really. Sometimes, when I am over stressed and crazy, I do compulsive couture sessions! My roommate Dimitri knows about these small kind of crisis I have sometimes, when he hear the sewing machine starting in the middle of the night. I would lie in bed and think that the linen on my bed would be nice for a dress and I would start to cut and sew or use the fabric of my curtain for making a bag! I also like to make some photographies for being totally independent when I am doing a graphic design projects, what is my real first profession too. But seriously, in my case, I just like to express something, the way I do is not so much important. I like the fact to be free to do my own ideas, that’s why I learned about all these different ways to express myself. I am not the best of one of all this mediums but all of the results are sincere.

Have you always been very creative ?
Totally! But sometimes, it’s very good to be lazy too, making nothing for 2 or 3 months. The most difficult thing is to accept it, simply. Our society is pushing us to be active and profitable, the pressure is very strong! But humans are not a soldier of work and even less for artistic projects.

You released your first ep, “Les Gourmandises ep” in February month, are you keeping yourself busy in the studio ?
Oh yes!!! The following is coming soon, the good things always arrive on time.

What got you into dj´ing ?
You will laugh! In 1999/2000 I started to buy some vinyls in the mental groove shop in Geneva because at this time the tracks on maxi format that I liked were not available on the cd albums and the mp3 stores did not exist at this time. One day I was coming back after a party at Weetamix and in the cab, I found a wallet full of money, without names, credit card or id, nothing! I decided to hide it, because, without names, this money was lost. Actually it was a dealers wallet I guess. When I arrived at home, I check the money, and it was exactly the cost of two turntables mk2. I was really poor at his times, but tired of listening to the full tracks on my shitty turntable at home, I decided without hesitations to buy the material for spinning. My mother offered me my first headphone too. Later, the Weetamix owner took me as a resident beside Luciano and Sonja Moonear.

What is your favourite club ?
A place without entrance, in the nature, a garden, or in board of the lake, during the day, where the kids and families can come too, where you play a deep set. Also, one of my best experiences was in Patagonia with Alejandro in the middle of nowhere, on the field, the guys where so excited and so were we. They had connected the connectors electrical with stripped cables, naked sons! It was crazy! I love Weetamix too, its my home, its one of the only clubs where the owner made his club without any sponsors. He build his club from nothing, just an empty local, he bought the sound system step by step, party after party during 16, 17 years! Amazing! A real independent way!

For a tourist like myself, which 3 places do I have to see/visit when I go to Geneva ?
1) I will bring you to the lake! We will take a boat at «la Terrasse», it’s my friends open-air-bar and boat-renting on board of the lake. The best would be in august, we take a boat and we will jump into the warm water and swim in the middle of the city!

2) We will go to the market on the sunday, market of the farmers around, they have small production of vegetables and fruits – what’s following the season, and its really fresh and tasty. Afterwards we cook at home with a good wine from Geneva, mix of Garanoir, Gamaret and Pinot noir and we will have a great chat all night.

3) We can go to the mountains in 20 minutes if you come in winter time and when we come back we stop to eat the fondue moitié-moitié at «le Vieux Carouge». So Daniel, when are you coming to visit us?

Is chocolate really that much richer in the taste in Switzerland ?
Mmm, let me bring you some «Aveline» from Martel, a chocolate maker in Carouge, a hood in Geneva, and you will answer this question instead of me.

Katou did a top 5 love song playlist, Dario did an all-time top 5 (4) album chart….can you do a top 5 hmmm .. maybe a top 5 classical? or…

Ok, I propose to you my top 5 flying songs (for the flight when I am travelling):

William’s Alabama – Shannon Wright
Hints – José González
Fever Dream – Iron & Wine
Paranoid Android – Radiohead
We Float – Pj Harvey

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