Lomidhigh Mixtape 017 DDALMH



Where did you record the mix?
As it’s build up in two parts, the mix was recorded on my computer on my way into school on the train and glued together with the rest of the mix while playing it out loud to Lisbet ..
What record were you most excited about?

Guessing this is about the Lomidhigh records which I’ve released? Right? I was ever so happy to start the Lomidhigh Lmtd label up really strong having a Jay Haze release as the first one ..
on the master Jay sent me it said Lomidhigh Lmtd  
(so yeah I changed the last part of the label from Ltd to Lmtd

What scares you?

I think I’ve been through the worse period the last 10 years, don’t think there’s more bad things coming my way which will scare me more than the
tumour I got for Christmas in 2010 !
Any other hobbies besides music?

Hanging out with friends, love taking pictures, being creative in photoshop + I’ve got an eye for finding things, which I started to realise as a 12 year old while I was out delivering my 240-houses Saturday newspapers. One of the houses had been robbed and without thinking about it I was looking under some bushes a few roads further down, and there I found three large black plastic bags full of ..’yes I think you (the reader) already guessed it’ the belongings of the house which was robbed. There were good times on that 4 hour walk with the papers. There were 4 houses on my route where I took a time-out, if the house owners saw me. This elderly man collected stamps (so did I at that point) and he always invited me in to see his massive collection and gave me a few of them in a tiny paper envelope, another place was where my mum got her driver’s license, there I got yet another time-out drinking a raspberry soda, while he was drinking a beer. I like to go bargain hunting at the flea markets and find treasures, started to collect coins, stamps and so on from memorabilia of the Diana and Charles wedding 1981 to various bits and bobs, enjoy watching ‘antic road trip’ on BBC as a guilty pleasure.
And of course, I love watching Premier League football, where the team I support is LIVERPOOL. And it looks like they are finally going to win the league 2019/2020.
I love spending time traveling and exploring with Lisbet, we roam the world as much as possible, and are looking towards Hong Kong and Vietnam next, maybe even Venice for our honeymoon.

My 10 favourite albums? REALLY ..there’s way too many
Getz / Gilberto (LP, Album) 1964
‘the girl from Ipanema’ fav song on the album
Air – ‘Moon safari’ (LP, Album) 1997
‘la femme d’argent’ fav track on the album
Jan Jelinek – ‘Loop finding jazz records’ (LP, Album) 2001
‘moiré (piano & organ)’ fav track on the album
Moloko – Do you like my tight sweater? (LP, Album) 1995
‘fun for me’ fav track on the album
Suede – Suede (LP, Album) 1993
’so young’ fav track on the album
Nuspirit Helsinki – Nuspirit Helsinki (LP, Album) 2002
’silent steps’ fav track on the album
Billie Holliday – Velvet mood (LP, Album) 1956
’everything I have is yours’ fav song on the album
Carl Craig – Versus (LP, Album) 2017
‘darkness’ fav track on the album
wow …only got two more albums to go …eight is enough for now
there’s so many great albums

Tea or coffee?

depends on which time of the day it is

Some of my fav songs I hear when relaxing
Roxy Music – If There Is Something
Prefab Sprout – Dublin
Leonard Cohen – Slow
Suede – Europe Is Our Playground
The Clash – Police & Thieves