Lomidhigh Organic comp ‘Organic City II’

Lomidhigh Organic – Organic City II Release date 24/06/2021

feat. artists
Alejandro Mosso, Martinez, Reboot, Benjamin Fehr, Vidall, Ray Okpara, DDALMH, Joachim Holm, Alexis Cabrera, Parentes, Franco Cinelli, Boola, Alejandro Vivanco & Dorian Chavez, Raymundo Mendoza, CPH.Defender

Cover by Peter Folkmar

like coming back with a massive
release, Lomidhigh Organic return
with a second Organic City compilation packed with inspiring and critically acclaimed artists, each with their individual soundscapes

On this Organic City compilation they introduce us to tightly squished compressed kick drums, whispering obscure vocal cuts from another planet, open and closed jazzy hihats, melodic synthesizers, with lively percussive breaks and driving bassline and deep thumping drum grooves on top, echoing deep into your heart it will work straight into the late night game, as well as the relief of the early hours.