Lomidhigh Unlmtd

Lomidhigh Unlmtd 001
Monotax EP

A1 Poxilana
A2 Poxilana (Ernesto Ferreyra Remix)
B1 KM de Cables
B2 KM de Cables (Jay Haze Remix)

Lomidhigh Unlmtd 002
Elephant Pixel – Estrellita EP

A1 Estrellita
A2 The Pink River
A3 Running Away
A4 Magneticos
A5 Underneath My Pillow
A6 Desert
B1 The Pink River (Bruno Pronsato Remix)

Lomidhigh Unlmtd 003
VA – Lomidhigh Unlmtd Hits One

01 ELEPHANT PIXEL every time
02 MARTINEZ & DDALMH the other side
03 JEANNOT wake up
04 JAY HAZE in the cellar
05 MONOTAX water
06 KINKY BASTARDS bedtime for small monkeys
07 REX MUNDI & BRIAN O the star travels of curtis mcmilllan (space log::60.6::)
09 DDALMH love

Lomidhigh Unlmtd 004
Ray Mendoza – Around The World – El paso

1. Step Right Up
2. Knife Toss
3. Sawing In Half
4. Big Hand For Phyllis

Lomidhigh Unlmtd 005
Dilo & Jeannot – Around The World – Buenos Aires

1. I Don’t Care
2. Light
3. Waiting In The Sun