Lomidhigh Organic

After limiting the first releases on the Lomidhigh Lmtd imprint to a “200-copies-only” – project, we decided to mix some basslines with heavy rain, children playing, melodies and summer romance ala Club der Visionaere.
We then added some ice cubes, a few slices of lime and fancy tropical fruit drink umbrellas.
– And voilà Lomidhigh Organic.

artwork by Peter Folkmar /// peter@peterfolkmar.com

Lomidhigh Organic 001
Seuil – Deep Hooks ep

a1. Variations 07
b1. Glue Eyes

Lomidhigh Organic 002
Alejandro Mosso – CPH/BCN ep

a1. CPH
b1. BCN

Lomidhigh Organic 003
Martinez – Organic Theme ep

a1. Organic Theme
b1. Chi-town 60661
c1. The Alley Cat
d1. Rattle Snake

Lomidhigh Organic 004
Boola – Astroceva ep

a1. Astrahan
a2. Wopetra
b1. Noru
b2. Afroceva

Lomidhigh Organic 005
Boola – Keep It Dirty ep

a1. Thirstduub
b1. Blitschki 00
b2. Garop

Lomidhigh Organic 006
Alejandro Mosso – GVA/MDZ ep

a1. GVA
b1. MDZ

Lomidhigh Organic 007
Andreas Jørnvil – OMG! ep

a1. OMG
b2. Doo Whop

Lomidhigh Organic 008
Gonzales – La Boca ep

A1. Voodouk
B1. Kaval

Lomidhigh Organic OC01
Various Artists – Organic City

a1. Gonzales – Lucky
a2. Franco Cinelli – On My Way
b1. Alejandro Mosso – IKNOWIGOTYOU
b2. Ernesto Ferreyra – Lanza Perfume
c1. Martinez – El Lobo De La Noche Sin Luna
c2. Andreas Jørnvil – Scruffy Sandra
d1. Boola – Mongrouse 08
d2. Raymundo Mendoza – Most Current State Of 3 Min
d3. Goldwill – Harmony

Lomidhigh Organic 009
Ernesto Ferreyra – Midnight Sun ep

a1. Bakana
b1. Ground

Lomidhigh Organic 010
Alejandro Mosso – Somebody ep

a1. Somebody

Lomidhigh Organic 011
Gonzales – Del Cielo Cosmico Album

01. Wannsee
02. Huba
03. Opera
04. Doombo
05. Kryse
06. Victoria’s Drive
07. Ankara
08. Red Sun
09. It’s A Flower
10. Sufi Wiriling

Lomidhigh Organic 012
Cinderfella Ltd. – Witch Doctor ep

a1. The Spell
b1. The Undoing
b2. W.T.B

Lomidhigh Organic 013
Daria & Alejandro Mosso – Falcon/Torino ep

a1. Falcon
b1. Torino

Lomidhigh Organic 014
Remixed Pt. 1
a1. Martinez – Chi-town 60661 (Fuckpony Remix)
b1. Gonzales – Lucky (Martinez & Ddalmh Remix)
b2. Alejandro Mosso – Somebody (Sis Remix)

Lomidhigh Organic 015
Remixed Pt. 2
a1. Alejandro Mosso – CPH (Michael Melchner Remix)
b1. Ernesto Ferreyra – Ground (Alejandro Mosso Remix)
b2. Cinderfella Ltd – The Spell (Franco Cinelli Remix)

Lomidhigh Organic 016
Martinez – Abyss ep
a1. Abyss
b1. Measuring Source

Lomidhigh Organic 017
Alejandro Mosso – Momche ep

1. Momche
b1. Momche (Melchior Productions Ltd Atacama Desert Venus Retrograde Mix)

Lomidhigh Organic 018
Ernesto Ferreyra / Martinez – Split ep

a1. Ernesto Ferreyra – Not Enough Time
b1. Martinez – Twist Of Time
b2. Martinez – Water Seu

Lomidhigh Organic 019
Alejandro Mosso – Horse Remix ep

a1. Horse (Franco Cinelli Remix)
b1. Horse (Joachim Holm Remix)

Lomidhigh Organic 020
Jay Haze – Use Your Hands ep

a1. Shoegazing
a2. Hanging Drum 2nd Night
b1. What’s With This Guy

Lomidhigh Organic 021
Various Artists – Spring ep

a1. Alejandro Mosso – Primavera
a2. Martinez – Skilful Ways
b1. K.atou – Messy Head