Club der Visionäre opening tomorrow

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Club der Visionäre

its now official – spring hit Berlin, tomorrow Club der Visionäre will be opening for the coming season. In 2009 when K.atou did the first mix in the Lomidhigh Mixtape series I asked her what made this place so special..

I’m not even gonna ask you which club is your favourite club, everyone who knows you the slightest bit knows that Club der Visionaere is the place you are at – what makes this place so special to you ?
“the location, the energy, the people that participate from all posts to this place, the willow tree, the opportunity to listen the most amazing music in a wonderful environment. the center of the world as we say.”

Mother nature showing off

I’m in tears in a time where mother nature is flexing its muscles, blessings and inner strength to everyone who are effected by this tsunami hell. I’m deeply choked after the pictures I just saw.. and thought to myself .. here I am asking for the sun/spring to come out in CPH… while everything has gone completely and absolutely insane in another corner of our world!!!

Lomidhigh Mixtape 007

Lomidhigh Mixtape 007

meeting up with Martinez for coffee and interview on wednesday – Lomidhigh Mixtape 007 is by Martinez and will be up within the following few hell of a (2hour+) mix he just sent me!!

interview+mix will be up in the new section on this site lomidhigh/mixtapes, where there´s already 6 great mixes by K.atou, Dario Zenker, Daria, Ernesto Ferreyra, Klaus B and Raymundo Mendoza..