Other Worlds

dreamy full of different atmospheres a soft gently new world appears while you relax preferable with closed eyes in a comfy place to lay down and give your self the time to listen
Alejandro Mosso quoted saying use some great headphones and he’s right don’t fool yourself with ‘small-pins-into-ears’ – get a pair of headphones on which covers your ears to get the extra 75% atmospheric sound of Alejandros new world travel serie for your wellness


just added a new playlist on my computer- Radioheads set list just like I heard them in 1997 pure bless’ * Daniel

04.01.2020 Lomidhigh Mixtape 016

Soundcloud link to mix

Producer duo Chris Wood & DJ Meat
pulled a Christmas cracker together Christmas eve and instead of the usual silly joke the orange piece of paper said ‘we are riding the wild reindeers into the new year with the next Lomidhigh Mixtape’

How and where was the mix recorded ?

Unfortunately it was recorded in our studio because the one we recorded live @ the Hive Club in Zürich was technical wise not really good.

Is there a record which is always in your bag?

We cannot pick one record out of the box. It’s changing from gig to gig. It doesn’t matter if vinyl or digital, it’s always changing and depends where to play.

Where do you get your inspiration from ?

Thru a lot of listening , most of the time online, to music everyday. From Punk to Sing and Songwriter, from House to electronic Listening,….So we guess we have a good overview to music. This always keep us inspired.

I was sad to hear about the closing of FREEBASE.. absolutely one of my favourite record shops.. what happen?

It was time to say goodbye after 22 years. We needed a change and actually we can say it was a good decision. It felt right after the closing for us. It was a great time but at one point we were not able to give all our power to the shop. And exactly this is what a record shop needs nowadays.


Please tell us about some of your best record buys..

Hahaha…there are so many we can’t remember even a special one. 

Funniest night as a dj ?

It’s always funny when people want to order drinks at the booth. We both still love this nightlife and DJ thing a lot. Have no idea if we ever will be able to stop playing. guess not!

A top 5 list of things to do in Frankfurt ?

Visit Offenbach and the weekly market and the pubs around
Robert Johnson….of course
Dora Brilliant/Tanzhaus West and Freud Club
MOMEM (coming soon. Is an museum for electronic music and everything around. Everybody is very excited about it and we sure hope it will open soon)
The Red Light district around the main station for good food and nice bars…even though it’s pretty hard for people that visits our city


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An oldschool mixtape mixed by DDALMH was recently released on Lomidhigh Organic limited to only 5 copies. The tracklist is full of Lomidhigh tracks

Agnès – everything you need is two
Cinderfella Ltd. – the spell
Ernesto Ferreyra – not enough time
Seuil – silas return
Boola – astrahan
Dario Zenker – artenwriter
Kasper – varyant (Franco Cinelli Remix)
Alejandro Mosso – cph
Raymundo Mendoza – 915 blues
Alejandro Mosso – momche (Melchior ltd. Remix)
Rex Mundi & Brian O – the star travels of curtix mcmillan (space log::60.6::)
Violett – love is love