Lomidhigh Mixtape 014 Kim Las

Lomidhigh Mixtape 014 Kim Las














Lomidhigh Mixtape 014

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I find my music everywhere… barnyard sales, web-catalogues, cheap cd’s, old 45’s, brand new wave-files on band-camp, traveling, recommendations, the occasional wauw experience in my own dusted memorabilia crates – i check out music all the time, always on the lookout for anything that’s playing hard to get, but with an accessible sensibility – be it obscure or well known. I’m a true nerd, that may sound cool, but really it is …pathetic. The necessary time going through loads of really awful unoriginal sounding bullshit. All this seemingly useless information – coding, titles, facts, anecdotes, who played what? with who? what year? and when what was released? on what label and why? Anyway it’s the only thing that I really know a lot about and one of the only driving forces that keeps me going. Also, I really like a lot of different stuff, not just freaky stuff, also stuff that everybody likes. All kinds of genres. It does take time. Somehow, I think all these hours helped shaping my own sound, and the character of this seem to, in its core,  remain the same, even though the outer appearance of it is ever changing. I guess, where I am at right now, have put some people off. I seem to find interesting peace in settings most music-people find ‘unaesthetic’ or annoying – strangely It somehow gives me strength and a belief that I must be doing something right. There are sounds and choices made in music that I like these days, – midi trumpets, awkward silence, the unlikely drum-pattern or programming – that I would have detested only a few years back, so in this way I feel that music is always evolving and remains exciting, and I just journey with it – challenging myself – my filter intact or shaped / destroyed by the years my ears have been exposed to all kinds of shit, just pushing it along.  About this mix – It’s not a club mix, I hear live recordings of club sets all the time and recently, when I DJ, I like to get real gritty and ravey. I didn’t feel like documenting that, also I think its impossible. This is more a solitaire listening mix. Headphones, coffee, doing the dishes – that sort of deal.  At first I was going for something strictly Asian sounding, I have been enjoying a lot of that lately, but it didn’t work, I get fed up with one style only and simply need to include various forms, layers and themes. So in this selection I have aimed for something naive and simple and light, yet complex in emotion and technique. Small lyrical suites. Raw, flat sounds, middle eastern synth lines, oddly pitched weirdness, polyrhythmics, pop and ambience – something brooding, something soothing – it’s not the most avantgarde stuff, because for me, it has to contain pop elements, but there are a few moments involving some concentration to really get that….There’s a few Danish cuts, one of them an edit of my own release from 2013 – a demanding piece. Quite a lot of postmodern Japanese pop. There’s a true vaporware piece. Also, a great unreleased Italian demo from 1992 I discovered on soundcloud (17 plays), there’s some vinyl rips of older stuff in my collection and there’s the record I put on at the wrong speed when I get home from a drunken night out, listening with a last cigarette… but mostly it’s recent finds. It needs to feel fresh, at least for me. even if it’s stuff I know really well, it needs that transfusion of feeling new again. Also, regardless of genre, it must contain a certain emotion that strikes an unmistakable chord inside. I think the personal experience of hurt and loss but also great happiness are basic tableaus from which music can reflect or take place. I can’t dance to complete mindless joy, but then again I can’t relax if there’s nothing wrong. I know that must sound disturbing, but in this way I welcome the mistake or the odd groovy sound or rhythmic pattern. Daniel asked me to do a mix that was personal. For me I don’t think its possible to conduct it otherwise, so no problem! – maybe it’s too personal for some ears, but in mine, it’s just strictly cold shit…