Lomidhigh Mixtape 007 Martinez

Lomidhigh Mixtape 007 Martinez

Lomidhigh Mixtape 007

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Martin my man, how are you keeping – you are just back from a week in Madrid and London, playing and visiting your girlfriend… Here we are sitting eating a cheeky cheesecake, from a tupperware (brothers homemade) drinking one of the best coffees in town – catching the last sun in CPH. please tell us about the mix you recorded last week…

Well my main idea with this mix was to bring out what I felt represents the sound of Lomidhigh, but without using Lomidhigh records. I’ve played so many of the labels records and love them very much, but I felt it would be a bit too easy to just include a bunch of the LMH classics in this mix..
you actually did do a Lomidhigh only mix which featured the article “Lomidhigh – label of the month” on Resident Advisor back in February 2009…unluckily the mix is no longer on the RA page, but I uploaded it on my FTP. “Martinez / The Many Moods Of Lomidhigh” ….yeah that’s right, so I sat down and went through a lot of music that made me think of Lomidhigh and I came up with this 2 hour mix. It has elements of dubstep, breaks, minimal techno, chunky house beats and also melancholic instrumental parts.

Is there a favorite track in there ?
Oh, it’s always hard to choose a favourite from a mix, as I feel that all the tracks are important to create the full picture of the mix, but a certain track that stands out for me is the opening track, Scuba – “Lights out”, great deepness, love the way it bridges from dubstep to techno, it was a perfect starter track to set the mood for this mix. Another one would be the classic Matt John track “Landing” from Perlon’s, “Superloooongevity 4”, which I recently re-discovered. Totally forgot about it and then one day talking about the “Superloooongevity 5” compilation you showed me the “Superloooongevity 4” compilation again and I was like – “Damn, these tunes are amazing and especially this Matt John piece – So I just had to include it in the mix.
…and I was happy to hear the ”In the Shadow” track by Melchior in the mix aswell.. A Visionaer favorite for me that summer in 2006.

Where did you record this ?
I recorded this mix in my apartment at 9 am in the morning. Woke up that morning with a clear idea of what the mix was going to be like, where I wanted to start and where I wanted to get to (then I had to see how I got there, but I was confident it would be in the best way!). I brewed up some nice Brazilian Java, turned on the hi-fi, pressed REC and started with the first tune. I really enjoy recording mixes (if its for podcasts, mix cd’s or something like this) in the morning hours. That promising feeling of a new day and the fresh mind you have when waking up usually gives the best outcome, unless it’s a club or live recording…

what inspires you ?
Things like this, getting asked by a dear friend if I want to make a special DJ mix/selection for his label mixtape podcast series. I get inspiration from everything good and positive around me. I collect the good things and try to let the bad things pass without effecting me too much. The latest few years as a DJ I´ve found a lot of inspiration from diggin’ for music, really get into it and find odd and inspiring tunes. At this moment the professional DJ’s on the circuit tends to get too caught up with the new promos and all their sets sound the same. Recently I found myself in a state where I just felt I couldn’t find good music, but that was just my lazyness taking over, once I started diggin’ amongst older records, but also new stuff, just in different genres I found tons of interesting tracks to play and it has made me much more inspired before a gig to have these tracks with me. For example, last monday I went looking for records in many of London’s brilliant second hand record stores and found some amazing stuff, for extremely low prices. Two records I have been looking for since I was about 18 years old, Glenn Undergrounds Bootleg remix of Donna Summer “I feel love” and Gemini’s – “One night on the north star” on Peacefrog records, which is another classic which I´ve wanted for a long time. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sound like this cliché that all new promos are boring etc… Not at all! There is a lot of brilliant new things getting released and I still receive tons of great promos every month and awesome new tracks from friends – which I play, its just that sometimes its nice to look outside the box, we so easily get caught in because we think people expect something extra from us or we just get a bit lazy..

Which of the tracks that you’ve released through out the years are you most happy about ?
I would say a track called; “Eternal Mind”; from my first album on Out of Orbit Recordings; “Internal Space” it was something I was very happy about, as it was a huge mile stone for me to finish my first full Long Player and that track just came out best with a perfect balance of its minimal background and growing atmospheric stabs creating a subtle, but harmonic melody. Also my “Organic theme” track is still one that I am very happy with, one of those tunes that just came out of nowhere one afternoon in the studio. Was finished in 5 hours and I bounced the tune as a test, with the intention of correcting the mix and arrangements the following day, but when I listened to it the next morning I realized that nothing needed to be done and it was perfect as it was. Kind of magical when that happens and I don’t know how to explain it, when you can struggle so much with other ideas and tracks. I guess its just when the moment is right, the sounds are there and all components match it just happens…hey that was two tracks, but yes… for me the Organic Theme 2×12” ep in it´s fully is a very special release.. with 4 completely different tracks.. Remembered at a Get Perlonized party Melchior started to mix the ”Organic Theme” track in.. The dancefloor started floating like at a melancholy indie concert from one side to the other… I was all high and when the rhodes and vocal fully kicked in, people were hypnotized and started to jump around.

You just released the Mzuzu ep on Cadenza (finally!) whats your next project ?
Yeah, it was great to get those tunes out on Cadenza and I am really happy that Luciano and his crew choose them for an EP. I just released a collaboration track with Matthias Tanzmann on Moon Harbour called; “Yamanote Line”; which has a nice story to it. We made this track mainly based on sounds we recorded in the Tokyo underground train on the Yamanote line when we toured Japan. When Matthias came to Copenhagen for a few days last year we sat down and pieced them together into this collage of sound. There will also be a 2×12” remix pack of my album “The Paradigm Shift” on Moon Harbour coming out soon. It includes remixes from: Davide Squillace, Alex Celler, Livio & Roby, Luna City Express, Christian Burkhardt, Arado & Marco Faraone, Michael Melchner and more. Should be a nice one. I also made a remix on Bar25 Records that was just released, plus a remix for Joel Mull’s – “Sunday 2 Sunday” on Adam Beyers Truesoul Label, which should be out this spring too. Oh, and let’s see maybe there will be a digital treat on Lomidhigh later this spring… ?
yeah for sure I´m all ears.. It´s been a while with the label, I´m trying to think about some new possibilities,.. like I told you earlier I´m puzzling with a few ideas.. but there´s nothing to officially tell about this yet…

You recently did a remix of “under the water” with fellow Copenhagen’ producer Mathias Mesteño – how did you work together ?
Yeah that’s right. We came up with this idea about 7 am in the morning at Dunkel Bar here in Copenhagen. Me and Mathias thought it would be fun to do something together and at the time Atle (from Brother Brown, who made the original track) was there and said why don’t you remix our old Ibiza hit, we are thinking of re-releasing it. So we sat out to do so. It was very nice to work together. Mathias had some ways of working I would never think of and visa versa, we found the perfect melting point for our sounds that worked well for that remix. To be honest the main vocal mix we made is more a tribute to the original as it was such a big tune around the world back then, I prefer our Instrumental Dub Version which is more my thing. Our main idea was to just make it that way, but we thought it would be nice to make one version with the full vocal as well, so we did.

You’ve been playing a lot of different places around the world, which city / gig was your best ?
Again another difficult question to answer, because each gig is special in its own way, but I really do think there is a certain vibe I can’t escape in London when I play at this little afternoon party called, Fuse on Bricklane on Sundays. It has a very special vibe that I don’t see many other places. I’ve always had amazing gigs at Panorama Bar in Berlin, yet another place like no other. I remember playing a 4-5 hour set there on a Sunday from 12.00 until 16.00/17.00 (something) after a Drumcode night, making the transition from Drumcode to the Panorama Bar Sunday feel with André Galluzzi & Cassy playing after me. It was such an honour to do this slot and I loved being able for once to start in the harder side of techno/house and bring it more down to the deeper levels. I´ve also had amazing sets in the South American countries, it’s really exploding there at the moment. Recently I played a big party in Medellin Colombia, which blew my mind. So many nice people and what an energy they had!!

Top 5 veggie dish ?
1. Dahl Curry with Garlic Naan
2. Grilled Eggplant & Zucchini with fried Haloumi
3. A well done Tomato soup with rye bread and Swedish Präst-cheese
4. Bulgur tabouleh with Feta cheese, Tzatiki and whole wheat pita
5. Vegetable Lasagna (my own home made one, full of fresh vegetables from the market!)

Instead of a March chart I like to supply my top 5 favorite albums I listen too at the moment:
1. Pulshar – Inside
2. Moodymann – A Silent Introduction
3. The Cure – Pornography
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto – 1996
5. Depeche Mode – Songs of Faith and Devotion

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