Lomidhigh Choice Cuts in pictures/samples

LMHCC#001 in pictures, from first cut – the packages heading towards Germany.

Lomidhigh Choice Cuts #001
Martinez – Escaping this state of mind EP
A – A Moreish Feeling
B – Wailing Snow Monkey

all tracks written and produced by Martinez aka. Martin Swanstein
cover art by multi talented Raymundo Mendoza magnet-studio
cutting the actual stickers and lifting the bleeding records to the post office, the label owner MR DIY aka. Daniel Lyons.

After a very long holiday, Lomidhigh are back with yet another label – with new imprint Lomidhigh Choice Cuts we’ve gone back to the DIY limited to VINYL ONLY project.. Meaning every record have actually landed in CPH getting a smack up with a sticker before going back to two of our favourite shops Freebase Records and Decks …another cheeky deal is hopefully going through with Japanese Jetset Records ..lets see how that pans out. The records should reach Germany either Friday or Saturday.. have in mind that there’s only 150 copies available of this deep dirty housy affair with Martinez.. be sharp.. and don’t get frighten about the price.