Lomidhigh 6 years old

through a few years I was part of this art-collective with three great friends, we called ourselves “coupdetat”. two of us were taking pictures while the two others were painting pictures. of the four of us, three of us actually got into getting an education – one went to the design school, the other went to the architect school, the third is currently at the art school, while the forth got lost in techno. I’m still without an education, but happily work in a wood-kindergarten on weekdays (…well not at the moment as I’m off long term with a pretty serious illness). the 19th march is both the birthday of my very beloved brother and the first time I ever did anything with the name Lomidhigh, as in the different frequencies “LOW-MID-HIGH” (if you didn’t spot that one yet). 19/03/05 was a party/event I held at this small place in Copenhagen called Benutzbar. a few weeks before I sent out this small flyer to like 30 friends and cycled all around Copenhagen with the rest of them – even though there was a free entrance to this place I think I spent like 150€ on the actual flyer (have never been – and will never be a businessman). I remember this night as a good one even though I was a bit stressed about putting myself down as a DJ (6 years later and I still haven’t caught on to DJing, never got me too interested – prefer dancing). I want to thank everybody who has supported the label through the years and even though it´s been quite quiet in a long time, I’ll promise you something will happen within the next 3 months…
– Daniel

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