Jay Haze canvas for charity

We have 5 different canvas size 30cm x30cm sprayed with the stencil from the very first release by Jay Haze on Lomidhigh Lmtd in the colours – Brown (as the original vinyl release), Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red for sale with the Original Jay Haze sticker from the 10″ release on the back. They cost 40€ each + postage from Copenhagen, Denmark. All the money going into this will be given to “Association of Cancer Affected Children” in Denmark. www.cancerbarn.dk

from their website:
“Every year 160 children in Denmark get cancer, whereof 45 will not survive the disease. These children have over the passed ten years been paid more and more attention, as many new treatments have been taking into use. Increased focus has also been connected to the importance of the well being of the children and many organisations have looked thoroughly into the problems of having children/teenagers hospitalised together with adult patients. We know that a good and well functioning live besides the hospital is of outmost importance for the children’s recovery.

The association for Children with Cancer is a non-political, humanitarian organisation, solely driven by volunteers. The work for the association consists primarily of creating activities for children with cancer and their families. Children with cancer are medically treated very intensively, which is causing significant weakening of their immune defense. Due to the risk of infections, the children cannot have normal activities amongst other children and adults.”

if interested in one of the canvas please mail me at info@lomidhigh.com
– thank you very much Daniel